Ever feel like you would be more attractive if you lost a few pounds? It’s like no matter what you do, you just don’t feel like you are enough to go after the date, the job, or to the bar with your friends?

Good news: You don’t have to lose a single pound to start feeling beautiful – I have to tell you this story because I think it will help you to feel more radiant TODAY.

It was about 4 months into my work with my one-on-one coach, when I realized that my size didn’t determine my beauty. I used to believe that I was only attractive when I was under a size 10 – double digits automatically meant unwanted, unlovable. Whenever the scale started to go up – I always became frustrated, anxious and depressed.

Ever feel that way?

When I finally decided to give up on dieting (more on that another time), my weight rose and those feelings came flooding back. But with the support of a coach, I spent three full months diving into my stories about my weight and my self worth, re-discovering my passions, and striving to live each day at my highest level of vibration.

And then one day everything fell into place, I looked around and I was happy, alive, and in love with my life. And that day, I had no less than 5 people tell me how beautiful, radiant, and happy I looked – and you see absolutely NOTHING had changed about my physical appearance. I was just me – living my life as my best self.

As the compliments flooded in I realized it was the feelings of happiness, aliveness and love that people associate with beauty, not the anxiety, depression and frustration that came from the number on the scale.

I write this to you today to remind you of how powerful you are when you commit to you – and to passionately and steadfastly pursuing the most alive version of yourself. That is where your true beauty shines, not the number on the scale or the size of your jeans.

How can you let your inner beauty shine today?

Where can you find the inner beauty in others?

How can you open yourself up for all that you have desired?

Some of my favorite role models who radiate the kind of beauty we are all striving for – one that is size irrelevant – are here, here, and here. Let me know who inspires you!